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Sullivan Process Controls Valves                  

Sullivan Process Controls has been selling market-leading brands of instrumentation and control valves for over 30 years. We are now manufacturing a FACTORY NEW S&S brand control valve that is a direct replacement for Fisher® at half the price! Other product and service offerings include the best remanufactured products on the market with savings 40-70% off retail, new surplus, a full service and repair facility, on-site field service, and engineering services. Emerson® products such as Fisher®, Rosemount®, and Micromotion® are among those market-leading brands in which we specialize. We offer many other major brands so check our products page. Need it FAST? Let us help you today!

Sullivan Process Controls Valves and Instrumentation

Sharktooth Control Valves        

Sharktooth Control Valve         Sharktooth Trim Cartridge

The Sharktooth Control Valve is the first triple eccentric type control valve exclusively designed for process control and throttling purposes. The patented “Throttling Trim Cartridge” creates a valve that exhibits significant improvements in performance, simplicity, and economy. Sharktooth control valves have excellent throttling characteristics and provide aerodynamic noise attenuation and liquid cavitation reductions. They are suitable for a wide range of services from cryogenic temperatures up to 850F for liquids, gasses, and steam.

Z-Disc Control Valves        

Z-Disc Control Valve         Z-Disc Function

The Z-Disc technology, invented by Dr. Hans Baumann P. E., enables a low cost, resilient seated butterfly valve the ability to out-perform more expensive style control valves. The unique, patented, shape of the Z-DISC vane offers a number of distinct advantages to the user typically only found in much more expensive style control valves. The unique design produces an equal percent flow characteristic, which allows for a constant gain response throughout the entire opening angle. This produces a linear inherent flow characteristic of the control loop. It also has low breakaway torque and is unaffected by fluid induced dynamic torque problems. The Z-Disc is an excellent low-cost solution for non-extreme flow control conditions.