Safety Relief Valves

New and Remanufactured

Safety relief valves in 1/8” bronze to 12” steel from more than 30 manufacturers including Kunkle, Consolidated, Farris, Crosby, Conbraco, Aquatrol and many others. Lower Prices, reliable products and quick availability make remanufactured valves a profitable option. During the remanufacturing process, all valves receive the utmost attention to ensure they meet original specifications. Remanufactured valves meet all applicable codes and are guaranteed for two years on parts and workmanship.

Repair Services

Repair services by factory trained personnel keep your safety valves operating at peak operating efficiency. Repaired valves maintain a one year guarantee on parts and workmanship.

Exchange and Rental Program

Before a maintenance shutdown, the safety valves you need are shipped in advance. The old valves are then returned for repair. After repair, the valves are shipped back to you for replacement of the rental valves.

Safety Relief Valves