Knife Gate Valves

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DSS Valves is a streamlined team of engineering and manufacturing professionals dedicated to creating premier Severe Service Knife Gate Valves for critical services in your industry. We specialize in creating valves that thrive in the harshest environments and our products are known for their ability to handle differential pressure scenarios, corrosive materials, extreme temperatures and detrimental solids.

DSS Valves is known for creating dependable Severe Service Valves that outlast the competition in any scenario. Investing in a premium product pays dividends through increased service life and reduced downtime, making the overall cost of ownership much less in the long run.

     Severe Service Knife Gate Valve         Severe Service Knife Gate Valve Double Block & Bleed Valve

Orbinox         Orbinox 20         Orbinox bonneted

Orbinox specializes in standard and special application knife gate, slide gate, wedge gate and check valves. Products include both cast and fabricated valve styles with manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric actuation.